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22, Lev, Украина
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I LOVE MIS.LITA!!! ???? i love Lita i want you Rita!!! i love you i love you
i love you!!!! i want you i love you i love you!!! Rose Bouquet of roses
Chocolate box i love you!!! Bouquet of roses Heart Rose Bouquet of roses
Chocolate box Bouquet of roses Bouquet of roses Bouquet of roses A rose for a rose Rose
Bouquet of roses Heart Strawberry Kiss Chocolate box
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Sexuálna preferenciaPriama
Výška>161 - 170 cm
Hmotnosť46 - 55 kg
Etnický pôvodBiely/Kavkazan
JazykyRuština, Angličtina
Čo ma vzrušuje
Emotions, sensations, experience and desires
O mne
I am Rita. So fucking sensual!
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Second place among women

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Komentáre (119)
This night have been crazy, barabulkas have been touched by midas it seems! And your singing show ))) An unforgettable smile) I am so happy for you Riri knowing that you are happy fill me of happiness it seems that i don't need snow to be happy (not talking about snehok, because he is a must to moy radost !!!) thank you for these memorable nights, hug you tightly mu peachy queen never forget that whatever or how much you are earning, YOU DESERVE EVEN MORE! I accept about the cave )) me pervert!)
your voice is unquestionably god's voice to mu ears and heart (god of our secret religion ^¤^ :3 )
Sound of heaven !!!
Так бывает, что человек, который живет где-то далеко-далеко, сокращает всякое расстояние и становится по настоящему родным.
You know me better than anyone and you never betrayed me even we I make those worst jokes !!!! You are the original version of midas Riri, you turn everything you do or touch to emeralds except your hair !!! emerald hair seem too risky !!!! You are so much more than the most beautiful person I have ever met you are mu miracle
I wanted to find the perfect comparison and I find, you are my fire burning bright and high, in any mood you make me happy, you show me everyday that you are my closest friend with you invincible!!! not just thanks to the ninja mode )))) you enlight my days, with your funny jokes and even when I am in baboshkaboya mode you are not bored of me, still one day if you have to sleep think about me in baboshkaboya mode and it'll help you to sleep as I'll be boring )))) you are the coolest ^¤^ soulmate
Настроение: Уничтожить все что будет мешать ей улыбаться!
If I am a peachy you are mu queen of england ))) mu queeny if you ever knew how incredible you are... Anyone could think everything about you (I hope they all see you as a queeny or wonderfuck world ticket will come !!!!) you are mu queeny and oh my god you always say interesting things, so funny things you are the most incredible mu queen of england )))
Riri, with just one ady without being here I missed you more than anyone, you are moy addiction and I am your dangerous witness, without you i see life in blue but with you being mu accomplice I see all the other colors, but most of all I see you you are honesty and purity I am addicted to you Riri and no one could break our bound, secret news the dancer of our band accepted to be in such a team with you. Time for you to conquer earth and paradise with your amazing voice, you are a dream & true!
I miss you Riri, whatever is happening you know that I can support you, even if you are a strong person. Mu dusha moya *-*
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Oh baby, oh baby, I'm in love...

Make me feel like I am breathing,,,,